Newsletter - March 2012

John Cachia - Saturday, April 28, 2012

March 2012 - In this Edition


Poor and lengthy interview process frustrates candidates - it seems that despite the current skills shortage and the amount of press on the subject, employers still are not providing an effective recruitment process, and we are seeing that as a result candidates are becoming increasingly frustrated and in some cases are withdrawing their application…

Job losses are still on the rise as confidence wanes - an ‘overwhelming majority’ of CFO’s in Australia’s top-listed companies have no plans to increase staff numbers this year, and in fact expect employee numbers to drop…

Just a thought - it seems that Companies have yet to learn the importance of an effective Induction process...

In the news - Fair Work Ombudsman orders $210k back pay for West Sydney workers, CPI remains at 3.1% for the December 2011 reporting period, Community Sector win equal pay decision, WorkCover NSW Safety Alert – Working with Forklifts…
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Newsletter - September 2011

John Cachia - Monday, October 24, 2011

September 2011: In this Edition


The Mature Age Worker - Australia's shrinking resource - There are around 4 million baby boomers that will be leaving the workforce in the next 20 years. These experienced workers have plenty to offer business and so organisations that can retain such competent people in the workforce should be well prepared to cope with changes in labout supply

Workplace Health and Safety Legislation 2012 - Is your business ready for the change? The Commonwealth, States and Territory Government have agreed to harmonise workplace health and safety laws including Regulations & Codes of Practice so that they are uniform in each jurisdiction.

Just A Thought - Seems to be the rank and file are mobilising and rallying against their employers demanding better pay and conditions.

In the News - ACTU warn against the 'casualisation' of the Australian workforce, shorter after-school shifts in the retail industry, job vacancies decline by 1.3% from the May quarter and more than 1 in 10 families with dependants were jobless in June of this year - a figure that has remained steady for the past few years.

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Newsletter - Aug 2011

John Cachia - Wednesday, September 21, 2011

August 2011: In this Edition


Industrial Unrest on the Rise - It seems that where organisations have 'poor' human resources practices, industrial unrest and therefore strike action is occurring.

Is Work Making Us Sick? A recent survey shows that, on average, each worker takes 9.87 days off work each year. This includes Sick, Carers and Personal leave.

Just A Thought - Are redundancies becoming the new, improved and easier for of termination? It seems that some employers want to do this as an easy way out...

In the News - Australia's unemployment rate increased by 0.1 percentage point in July 2011, the National Minimum Wage Order 2011 has been reviewed and a new weekly minimum wage has been set, Changes to consumer law - the Trade Practices Act (TPA has now been replaced by the Competition and Consumer Act (2010).

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Newsletter - July 2011

John Cachia - Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 2011: In this Edition

Manufacturing in Australia is slowing - In a recent survey conducted by Westpac, manufacturing trends fell sharply in June from what was a good March quarter, and it seems this trend will continue for the September quarter as well. Further reports suggest that as the Asian economy grows, Australia will benefit...

The Flexible Office - Moving on from the traditional office surrounded by four walls and water coolers, savvy business operators have found a new environment from which to conduct their business.

Just A Thought - Perhaps if people stay engaged in the workplace and are stimulated by their job..maybe you might find they're more likely to stay and improve their workplace productivty.

In the News - with the coming of the new financial year there are a few changes regarding compliance that you should be prepared for: as of 1 July, all businesses are responsible for adminstering the paid parental leave scheme; annual leave loading accrued on annual leave is to be paid out when employment ends, even if a Modern Award does not require leave loading to be paid on termination; a workplace audit of your employment relations compliance will help minimise business risks when Fair Work on-site inspections occur; as of 1 July 2011, the director penalty regime will be extended to include the superannuation guarantee.

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Newsletter - March 2011

John Cachia - Sunday, April 03, 2011

March 2011: In this edition

Staff Retention (minimising turnover) - Staff turnover becomes an expensive exercise for organisations (recent reports suggest associated costs can range from $15k up to an entire annual salary). So why do staff keep leaving? And how can organisations improve retention?

Emotional Intelligence
- Emotional intelligence increases with age and there is an old-fashioned word for this phenomenon: maturity.

Just A Thought - Whilst we can train people to perform their tasks, it's not as easy to teach them the wisdom needed to appropriately respond to unusual situations!

In the News - Australia's unemployment rate unchanged; Fair Work Ombudsman fines NSW employers and unions in excess of $600,000 this financial year for breaches of workplace law; Australia's employee satisfaction level well below global average; Modern Awards transitions continue to roll out

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Newsletter - February 2011

John Cachia - Monday, March 21, 2011

February 2011: In this Edition

Government Superannuation Reforms - An Australian worker, currently aged 30, can expect up to $40k more in their retirement superannution fund following reforms recommended by the Federal Government.

Negativity at Work - One of the most difficult things to manage at work is negativity, and since the Financial Crisis, such emotions have become more noticeable!

Just A Thought - What are going to be the consumer trends for 2011 and have they already started?

In the News - new job ads continue to increase; leave loading may apply to termination pay; new Work Health & Safety Act from 1 January 2012; unemployment rate at 5%

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Newsletter - January 2011

John Cachia - Monday, March 21, 2011

January 2011: In this Edition

Paid Parental Leave - Much has been written about the Government's Paid Parental Leave Scheme which became effective from 1 January 2011. It is important to consider how this scheme can assist with the retention of talented staff.

Good Economy = Salary Negotiations - The stronger dollar combined with good employment figures and the emerging skills shortage creates a good environment for salary negotiations. It seems there will be increasing pressure to look after staff initiatives.

Just A Thought - Why is it that there are those at work who are diligent, hard working and don't cause any trouble, yet are overlooked for advancement?

In the News - Definition of "small business" changes from 1 January 2011; changes to the rate of Payroll Tax; changes to Consumer Law; making young workers safer in the workplace

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Newsletter - October 2010

John Cachia - Monday, March 21, 2011

October 2010: In this Edition

Non Verbal Communication - There was a saying: "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression" and never was a truer statement made when we consider the humble handshake.

Office Safety and Working from Home - Traditional working hours and offices are more flexible now than previously. So where is your office, who is responsible for it and what are the risks?

Just A Thought - How confidential are we really? And what are the consequences of breaching company confidentialty requirements?

In the News - National Workplace Safety Legislation stoush; Melbourne Cup loss of productivity; Australian unemployment rate

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Newsletter - September 2010

John Cachia - Monday, March 21, 2011

September 2010: In this Edition

Skilled Employees in Demand - We continue to hear that unless we get some more skilled employees into the workforce, projects will not be completed resulting in a slowing of our economy.

Discrimination and Mature Age Workers - The Fair Work Ombudsman has produced new education material aimed at raising awareness and helping employers and our senior workers avoid discrimination at work.

Just A Thought - The rites and wrongs of workplace initiation; although some think such pranks are funny, they can have damaging and long-lasting effects.

In the News - Australia's paid parental leave scheme starts 1 January 2011; National Annual Wage Review to be conducted between March and June 2011; Australia's unemployment rate drops.

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Newsletter - August 2010

John Cachia - Monday, March 21, 2011

August 2010: In this Edition

Employee Retention - So now we see organisations wiping the sweat from their brow as they see off the scourge of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). However there appears to be another problem looming for organisations; employees are deciding that it's time to move on!

Training & Competency - Do your employees receive training and development? And if so, does it benefit both the individual and the company? It is a business imperative that effective Workplace Training and Development Programs are introduced....designed to provide learning solutions that are specific to the organisation and/or individual circumstances.

Just a Thought - Are incentive schemes really motivating employees to work harder and therefore return improved benefits for the business?

In the News - Fair Work Australia sick leave ruling; Average Weekly Earnings Report released by the ABS; Workers Compensation premiums fall

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