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Workplace relations

Workplace Relations

To assist you in maintaining a harmonious and compliant workplace, we can provide you with a number of programs that are best practice and relevant to current legislation.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) / Workers Compensation

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) / Workers Compensation

It's the law, sure, but moreover you want to ensure your people are safe and sound - we can help prevent accidents from happening, and take care of things when they do.

  • OH&S audits
  • Management briefings for OHS legislative requirements
  • Claims management - advice and assistance
  • Workforce training risk assessments
  • Policies & procedures
Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection

If you don't get your recruitment process right, your business will suffer, your people will not be happy and you'll end up wasting too much money and time. We have been helping organisations find, select, recruit and induct (the right people) for almost 20 years! for any position at any level.

  • Ad development & placement
  • Receive, filter and recommend applicants
  • Assessment centre programs
  • Individual or group interviews
  • Staff, managerial and executive placement
  • Internal education sessions on effective recruitment methods
  • On-boarding programs
  • Induction programs
  • Employment contracts
  • Policies & procedures
Training & Development

Training & Development

Staff Development is key to the success of your business, therefore well trained & developed staff are more satisfied (at work) and they can better perform their roles.

  • Broad training development programs
  • Management development programs
  • Training needs analysis process
  • Design and conduct specific training sessions
  • Executive coaching
  • Policies & procedures
Performance Management

Performance Management

Employee recognition is an important part of job satisfaction. Effective management of people includes the proper communication of their performance, it also sets an appropriate agenda for growth.

  • Position descriptions
  • Development of KPIs
  • Development of key result areas
  • Guidelines and pro-formas for performance assessment
  • Education sessions on effective, proper performance management programs
  • Personal, confidential counselling for employees
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Policies & procedures
Remuneration & Benefits

Remuneration & Benefits

In the workplace money is an emotive issue, and we understand that! So if your organisation has an effective Remuneration & Benefits program, you will be not only able to maintain harmony, but by introducing clever strategies, may make your business more attractive.

  • Salary surveys
  • Bonus & incentive schemes
  • Salary packaging
  • Wage and classification levels (awards)
  • Payroll management
  • Other benefits (e.g motor vehicles, superannuation, medical)
  • Policies & procedures
Outplacement & transitional management

Outplacement & Transitional Management

Outplacement can by a very trying time for both employer and employee. We support both to make the transition as painless as possible.

  • Skills assessment
  • Resume writing
  • Achievement statements
  • Job search techniques
  • Interviewing skills
  • Job search plan

Additionally, we will work with you on developing and maintaining your network of contacts who may be able to assist you in identifying suitable roles.

Other services we offer:

Legislative Requirements

Legislative Requirements

Legislation is complex and constantly changing - let us iron it out and set it straight for you so you can rest easy, knowing you are compliant.

Strategic planning

Strategic Planning

Operating a business without the right strategy is like going bush without the right map. Let our expertise guide you in a sound plan for the future.

Policy development

Policy Development

Quite contrary to their stereotype as red tape, the right set of policies and procedures can liberate your company to focus on achieving your goals with a unified sense of purpose, utilising a highly tuned set of tools.

Organisational Design

Organisational Design

We don't need to tell you that the way your organisation and culture is structured provides you competitive advantage that cannot be duplicated.